The Amphitheater

Built around 80 BCE, this is the oldest Roman Amphitheater still in existence.

Gladiator fights were a favorite event for people of all social classes, and guests traveled from nearby towns and cities to participate.

The Amphitheater in Pompeii could accommodate up to 20,000 spectators.

Like the Colosseum in Rome, it served as the site of gladiator matches and other major spectacles.

It was strategically constructed outside the city to make moving big crowds easier.

Access to the upper steps is provided by exterior staircases, while a downward corridor provides access to the lower steps.

Ancient Greek theatres were semi-circular since they were carved into the side of a mountain or hill.

The stone structure of the Amphitheater is an excellent illustration of the vast, well-functioning community of Pompeii.

Want to experience what sitting as an audience at the Amphitheater would feel like?

Then grab an opportunity to visit the Amphitheater on your trip to Pompeii.

Featured Image: Pompeiisites.org

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