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One of the best ways to explore the ruins of Pompeii is by booking a Pompeii Audio Guide Tour.

With the Pompeii audio guide in hand, you can easily explore the site and all its highlights at your own pace while learning more about them.

Audio guides provide detailed information about the history of Pompeii with fun stories, insights and secrets.

You can easily book an optional audio guide with Pompeii entry tickets.

The audio guide is easily downloadable, which means you can access it conveniently without the internet.

How to Book an audio guide to Pompeii?

You can easily book a Pompeii Audio Guide in three simple steps:

1. Go to the booking site and select your preferred date, time, number of tickets and language for the audio guide option.

2. Complete the secure payment process and receive your ticket with a link to the Pompeii Audio Guide.

3. Download your audio guide and use it on your Pompeii tour.

How much is the Pompeii audio guide?

If you book these Pomepii entry tickets, which start at €24 for adults and a discounted rate of €7 for children and EU citizens, you can listen to the audio guide for free.

Why Book a Pompeii Audio Guide?

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Here are a few reasons to book an audio tour of Pompeii:

Explore at your own pace:
With these audio guides, you don’t need to be tied to a group and can explore Pompeii at your own pace.

Insights from Pompeii: The audio guide will help you learn more about Pompeii’s architecture, highlights and history.

Multilingual Support: Whether you’re a native speaker or a visitor from afar, this audio guide provides information in many languages, allowing everyone to learn.

Cost-Effective: Audio guides are often more affordable than hiring a personal guide, making them an economical option for budget-conscious travelers.

Visitor Tips: Audio guides usually provide practical information such as opening hours, ticket prices, and nearby amenities, helping visitors plan their visit more effectively.

So, why wait? Book your Pompeii audio tour now and enjoy the visit!

How to use the Audio Guide for Pompeii?

Once you enter the archaeological site, you can download the official Pompeii app to access the audio guide.

The app includes itineraries, a map, and practical information for visitors, such as opening times, ticket prices, discounts, and tips.

It’s a great way to learn about the site’s history, architecture, and daily life as you walk through the ruins at your own pace.

It is available in several languages, including English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, German, and French.

The guide provides detailed information about Pompeii’s most significant features, such as the Forum, the House of the Faun, the Amphitheater, and the Baths.

It also includes interesting facts and anecdotes about Pompeii’s inhabitants, their customs, and the tragic eruption that preserved the city.

It is a must-have for anyone who wants to fully appreciate Pompeii’s historical and cultural significance.”


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