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Pompeii covers an area of 163 acres (66 hectares), making it the world’s largest archaeological site.

To visit Pompeii without missing its major highlights and attractions, one must have a reliable companion- the Pompeii Map.

With the map of Pompeii Ruins in hand, you will have a clear picture of the attraction in mind.

The map will help you navigate the site’s different routes and easily locate its major attractions and other facilities, such as restrooms, etc

Let’s go through Pompeii’s Map after learning about its exact location!

Where Exactly is Pompeii located?

Pompeii is an ancient Roman city located in Campania, Italy. It is 14 miles (23 km) southeast of Naples, at the southeastern base of Mount Vesuvius.

Visitors can easily reach Pompeii using different means of transport and choose one entrance based on that.

Want to know how to reach Pompeii from different places, such as Naples, Rome, Sorrento, etc.? Check out our detailed guide to reaching Pompeii.

Pompeii Layout 

Pompeii map
Image: Podcasts.ricksteves.com

Pompeii’s overall layout is rectangular, with different regions, routes, attractions, viewpoints, and facilities.

It has three entrances, with the ticketing office at each point:

1. Porta Marina (via Villa dei Misteri)
2. Piazza Anfiteatro (piazza Immacolata)
3. Piazza Esedra (piazza Porta Marina Inferiore)

Pompeii is divided into different regions, called Regions 1, 2 and so on. Each region has many attractions.

Some of the major highlights from these regions that you should not miss are:

1. Temple of Apollo
2. Villa of the Mysteries
3. Forum and Stabian Baths
4. Pompeii Antiquarium, Brothels and Palestra
5. Pompeii Houses: House of the Small Fountain,  House of the Faun and House of  Venus in the Shell
6. Garden of the Fugitives
7. Amphitheater and Grand Theater

You can easily mark these highlights on your Pompeii map and visit them accordingly!

Regions Inside Pompeii:

Various regions inside Pompeii are:


1. Casa del Citarista (House of the Lyre Player)

2. Casa di Casca Longus o dei Quadretti teatrali (House of Casca Longus or Theatrical Paintings)

3. Fullonica di Stephanus (Fullonica of Stephanus)

4. Casa del Larario di Achille (House of the Lararium of Achilles)

5. Casa del Criptoportico (House of the Cryptoporticus)

6. Casa dei Ceii (House of the Ceii)

7. Casa del Menandro (House of the Menander)

8. Casa di Paquio Proculo (House of Paquius Proculus)

9. Casa dell’Efebo (House of the Ephebus)

10. Casa di Fabius Amandius (House of Fabius Amandius)

11. Casa dels Sacerdos Amandus (House of the Priest Amandus)

12. Casa e Thermopolium di Vetutius Placidus (House and Thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus)

13. Casa del Frutteto (House of the Orchard)

14. Caupona di Sotericus o all’Insegna di Roma  (Inn of Sotericus or the Sign of Rome)

15. Casa della Nave Europa (House of the Ship Europa)

16. Orto dei Fuggiaschi (Garden of the Fugitives)

17. Casa con Botteghe (House with Workshops)

18. Casa degli Amanti (House of the Lovers)

19. Casa dei Quattro Stili (House of the Four Styles)

20. Casa degli Archi (House of the Arches)

21. Osteria del Gladiatore (Tavern of the Gladiator)

22. Casa di Cerere (House of Ceres)

23. Conceria (Tannery)

24. Bottega del Garum (Garum Shop)

25. Casa del Fabbro (House of the Blacksmith)

26. Officina Tintoria di Terenzio (Dyeing Workshop of Terentius)

27. Casa del Primo Piano (House of the Upper Floor)

28. Casa di Saturnino (House of Saturninus)


1. Casa di Octavius Quartio (House of Octavius Quartio)

2. Casa della Venere in conchiglia (House of Venus in the Shell)

3. Praedia di Giulia Felice (Estates of Julia Felix)

4. Foro Boario (Cattle Market)

5. Anfiteatro (Amphitheater)

6. Palestra Grande (Large Gymnasium)

7. Casa del Triclinium all’aperto e estivo (House of the Outdoor and Summer Triclinium)

8. Casa del Giardino di Ercole (House of the Garden of Hercules)

9. Porta Nocera e cinta muraria (Nocera Gate and City Walls)

10. Necropoli di Porta Nocera (Nocera Gate Necropolis)

11. Casa del Larario Fiorito (House of the Flowered Lararium)


1. Casa di Trebio Valente (House of Trebius Valens)

2. Schola Armaturarum (Armory)

3. Casa del Moralista (House of the Moralist)

4. Porta Nola e cinta muraria (Nola Gate and City Walls)

5. Necropoli di Porta Nola (Nola Gate Necropolis)


1. Caserma dei Gladiatori (Gladiators’ Barracks)

2. Casa di Marco Lucrezio Frontone (House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto)

3. Casa delle Nozze d’Argento (House of the Silver Wedding)

4. Casa di Cecilio Giocondo (House of Caecilius Jucundus)

5. Necropoli di Porta Vesuvio (Vesuvius Gate Necropolis)

6. Casa di Leda e il Cigno (House of Leda and the Swan)

7. Thermopolium (Thermopolium)

8. Casa del Giardino (House of the Garden)

9. Casa di Orione (House of Orion)

10. Casa degli Epigrammi (House of the Epigrams)

11. Casa dei Girali (House of the Swirls)

12. Casa del Larario (House of the Lararium)


1. Casa del Fauno (House of the Faun)

2. Casa dell’Ancora (House of the Anchor)

3. Casa della Fontana Piccola (House of the Little Fountain)

4. Casa del Poeta Tragico (House of the Tragic Poet)

5. Thermopolium (Thermopolium)

6. Casa di Pansa (House of Pansa)

7. Casa del Forno (House of the Oven)

8. Casa di Sallustio (House of Sallust)

9. Casa dell’Adone Ferito (House of the Wounded Adonis)

10. Casa dei Dioscuri (House of the Dioscuri)

11. Casa dei Vettii (House of the Vettii)

12. Casa degli Amorini Dorati (House of the Gilded Cupids)

13. Casa dell’Ara Massima (House of the Large Altar)

14. Castellum Aquae (Water Castle)

15. Casa del Principe di Napoli (House of the Prince of Naples)

16. Porta Ercolano e cinta muraria (Herculaneum Gate and City Walls)

17. Necropoli di Porta Ercolano (Herculaneum Gate Necropolis)

18. Villa di Diomede (Villa of Diomedes)

19. Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries)

20. Casa della Fontana Grande (House of the Large Fountain)

21. Casa del Labirinto (House of the Labyrinth)

22. Casa di Apollo (House of Apollo)

23. Casa di Orfeo (House of Orpheus)

24. Casa della Biblioteca (House of the Library)

25. Casa di Meleagro (House of Meleager)

26. Casa del Chirurgo (House of the Surgeon)

27. Casa del Centauro (House of the Centaur)


1. Terme Suburbane (Suburban Baths)

2. Porta Marina e cinta muraria (Marina Gate and City Walls)

3. Casa del Marinaio (House of the Sailor)

4a. Casa di Trittolemo (House of Triptolemus)

4b. Casa di Romolo e Remo (House of Romulus and Remus)

5. Santuario di Apollo (Sanctuary of Apollo)

6a. Foro (Forum)

6b. Mensa Ponderaria (Weighing Table)

7. Granai del Foro (Forum Granaries)

8. Tempio di Giove (Temple of Jupiter)

9. Archi onorari (Honorary Arches)

10. Terme del Foro (Forum Baths)

11. Tempio della Fortuna Augusta (Temple of Fortuna Augusta)

12. Macellum (Macellum)

13. Santuario dei Lari Pubblici (Sanctuary of the Public Lares)

14. Tempio del Genius Augusti (Temple of the Genius of Augustus)

   And Tempio di Vespasiano (Temple of Vespasian)

15. Portico della Concordia Augusta (Portico of Concordia Augusta)

   And Edificio di Eumachia (Building of Eumachia)

16. Terme Stabiane (Stabian Baths)

17. Casa di Sirico (House of Siricus)

18. Lupanare (Brothel)

19. Casa dell’Orso Ferito (House of the Wounded Bear)

20. Panificio di Popidio Prisco (Bakery of Popidius Priscus)

21. Casa della Caccia Antica (House of the Ancient Hunt)

22. Casa di Marco Fabio Rufo (House of Marcus Fabius Rufus)

23. Casa del Bracciale d’Oro (House of the Golden Bracelet)

24. Casa di Arianna (House of Ariadne)

25. Casa di Castricio (House of Castricius)

26. Casa di Cesio Blando (House of Caesius Blandus)

27. Casa del Balcone Pensile (House of the Hanging Balcony)

Facilities at Pompeii 

1. Entry (Entrata)

2. Exit (Uscita)

3. Ticket Office (Biglietteria)

4. Information (Informazioni)

5. Left Luggage (Deposito Bagagli)

6. Bookshop (Libreria)

7. Reconstructions / Display (Allestimenti / Esposizioni)

8. Temporary Exhibitions (Mostre Temporanee)

9. Plaster Casts (Calchi)

10. Viewpoint (Punto Panoramico)

11. Café (Bar)

12. Restaurant (Ristorante)

13. Picnic Area (Area Picnic)

14. Smoking Area (Area Fumatori)

15. Baby Changing Area (Fasciatoio)

16. Toilets (Servizi Igienici)

17. Accessible Toilets (Servizi Igienici Accessibili)

18. Lift (Ascensore)

19. Emergency Assembly Point (Punto di Raccolta in Caso di Emergenza)

20. Police Station (Carabinieri)

21. First Aid (Presidio Medico)

22. Drinking Water Fountains (Fontane con Acqua Potabile)

Accessibility at Pompeii

Pompeii has well-maintained pathways with different facilities along the way, such as rest areas, cafes, souvenir shops, restrooms, etc.

You can easily allocate them in the map’s PDF shared above. Some of the important facilities are:

  • Pompeii is easily accessible from various points. The 3.5 km route from Piazza Anfiteatro to the Sanctuary of Venus is accessible.
  • It is wheelchair accessible. In some places, even two wheelchairs can pass side by side, but not everywhere.
  • Most routes inside Pompeii are suitable for people with motor disabilities, parents with buggies, and anyone preferring a more comfortable visit.
  • There are many ramps and slopes inside Pompeii with an 8% incline.

    There are restrooms available at the main access points, including Piazza Anfiteatro, Piazza Esedra, Porta Marina, Casina dell’Aquila, the Antiquarium, Quadriportico, the Chora Cafe, and the Villa of the Mysteries.
  • Baby changing facilities are available at Via dell’Abbondanza, Via di Nola, and the corner of Via Stabiana and Via della Fortuna.

    You may collect keys at the site entrance and return them after use.
  • There is also dedicated support for deaf visitors through trained LIS (Italian Sign Language) workers.
  • For more details and help on a certain matter, you can access Pompeii’s official website or contact them at mailnapoli@ens.it.
  • You must download a Pompeii map online or take one at its entrance to navigate accordingly.

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