Fast Track Entrance Ticket with Audio Guide

You can visit local landmarks, including the Roman amphitheater, the community gym, and the small theatre.  

View the preserved frescoes that show various scenes from Roman mythology and daily life.

With this Pompeii fast-track entrance ticket, you can skip the long queues and explore the remains of this Roman city.

Experience what life was like in Pompeii under the Roman Empire.

You can learn about the history and architecture of Pompeii from an audio guide.

Skip the line entry is available only at the Piazza Esedra entrance.

This Ticket Includes

  • An audio guide
  • Skip the line entry to the attraction

Ticket Price

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (18+ years) €27
Child ticket (upto 17 years) €9
EU Citizens (18 to 24 years)€14

Note: For the audio guide, you must bring your cable headphones (not bluetooth).

Featured Image: JayBoivin / Getty Images Signature

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