Thermal Baths

Public baths were a common sight even in the smallest city in the Roman empire, as only a few had private baths.

Pompeii thermal baths were also known as thermae.

Even though only the rich could afford private baths, the public baths in the Forum were accessible to people of all social classes.

Running warm water through the wall cavities served as the heating system for the rooms. 

Pompeii had three baths: The Stabian, Forum, and Central Baths.

The Stabian Baths are the oldest publicly accessible baths still standing in the entire Roman Empire.

The Forum Baths of Pompeii are the smallest and most ornately decorated public baths in Pompeii.

In 79 AD, the Central Baths had not yet been completed when Vesuvius erupted.

Men and women would have had different bathing hours because the baths did not have separate male and female sections.

Featured Image: Pompeii-tickets.com

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