Tips for Visiting Pompeii

Here are a few tips for visiting Pompeii that might help you make the journey more memorable and complete. Note them down!

  1. Avoid going to Pompeii on long weekends or during the high season because these times see more tourists than usual.
  1. Visit the attraction with a guide, and you’ll have a far more exciting time. Remember that purchasing your tickets or guided tour beforehand will enhance your experience.
  1. A sturdy pair of walking or running shoes are necessary as the ancient Roman streets are built of huge stones that could lead you to hurt yourself.
  1. Protect yourself from the heat and sun by wearing comfortable clothes. You can carry a cap or hat and apply lots of sunscreen.
  1. You should pack light as the whole tour of Pompeii is done on foot.
  1. The kids enjoy going to Pompeii, and it’s a good idea to give them a brief overview of the location’s history before the visit to familiarize them.

Featured Image: Pompeiisites.org

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