Villa Dei Misteri

The well-preserved remains of the Villa dei Misteri can be found outside Pompeii on the road that descends to the city’s bay.

The Roman villa features marvelous preserved frescoes that appear to depict a woman being initiated into the forbidden cult of Dionysus, the god of decadence known as Bacchus to the Romans. 

This secret initiation ceremony is referred to as one of the “mysteries.”

Three walls of this house are entirely covered with the fresco mentioned above during the mystery ceremonies.

Visit the Villa of the Mysteries with an entry ticket to the archeological site and admire the frescoes.

The paintings are stunningly produced with an amazing level of clarity and detail, set against a deep crimson background.

The house and gardens are equally magnificent, featuring a sizable outdoor terrace and well-constructed interior spaces.

Featured Image: Twitter.com

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